'Personalized Wine Gifts' Launches in time for
Holiday Shopping Season

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Davenport, Iowa - After restoring a 140 year old wine cellar, Internet entrepreneurs, Steve and Kelli Grubbs, realized that finding personalized wine gifts and decorations was not an easy task. Their experience motivated them to launch a site that will change gift giving and wine cellar decorating.

PersonalizedWineGifts.com is the brainchild of Steve and Kelli Grubbs, founders of VictoryStore.com, CarnivalFunTees.com and 4LeggedFashion.com.

"Designing a personalized wine cellar plaque online is now as easy as turning on your computer," said Steve Grubbs. "My wife and I recently restored a 140 year old wine cellar on our property and it struck me that there was no place to design a beautiful wine plaque to commemorate the wine cellar."

PersonalizedWineGifts.com uses state-of-the-art online design technologies to allow wine lovers to personalize wine tote bags, wine cellar weather stations, aprons, apparel, plaques and much more. Using templates designed by the graphic designers at VictoryStore.com, a shopper can review the options and then customize the text on the design. After that it's easy as paying online and waiting for the gift to arrive.

The products are produced using a traditional dye sublimation technique, or in the case of wine cellar plaques, cutting edge digital printing technologies that allow ceramic tiles to be printed in vibrant full colors.

"Due to the explosive growth of wineries and wine enthusiasts in the United States, we believe our new online shopping experience will be the right product line at the right time," said Grubbs.

In 1975 there were 579 licensed wineries in the United States, but in a one year period in 2005-06, 460 new wineries applied with the federal government to become licensed. By 2006, there were 4,280 wineries in 50 states. "Collecting and drinking wine has made the growing of grapes the 6th largest cash crop in the United States. We want to be the first place connoisseurs think of when they are looking for a luxury wine related gift or a place to decorate their wine cellar."

"For the price of a decent Barolo, it's now possible to give it as a gift in a personalized box made of cherry wood or a custom tote bag," said Grubbs. "We are using the same technology we provide Carnival Cruise Lines at CarnivalFunTees.com. This technology works well and gives people options they have never had before."

PersonalizedWineGifts.com is owned by parent company, VictoryStore.com, which also owns CarnivalFunTees.com, 4LeggedFashion.com and Signs4Free.com.

PersonalizedWineGifts.com ships nationwide and generally has an order completed within three to four business days.

Steve Grubbs is the Chief Executive Officer of VictoryStore.com has one if its top 500 retailers in 2006.


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