Premium Menu Board

Our Premium Menu Board is beautiful for exterior or interior signage. The first layer is a thick white aluminum with a second layer of clear polycarbonate separated by four stainless steel spacers. Acrylic clear plastic signs are digitally printed in full color.

Item Description 1
Premium Menu Board $249.00
Menu Board (no polycarbonate) $179.00
Replacement Polycarbonate $50.00

Design Your Own

The Premium Menu Board is a double layered sign. The bottom layer has a white aluminum base. It has a height of 29" and a width of 49" and has rounded corners for a polished finish. The top layer is two pices of clear plexiglass, also with rounded corners. Each pice of plexiglass is approximately 24" high and 16" wide. Between the two layers is a 1/2" aluminum spacer. A stainless steel threads a decorative washer then through the plexiglass, spacer and aluminum. The Premium Menu Board is a high end sign with double layers printing creating a polished, professional look that will last years inside as well as outside.


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Heavy duty, stylish hardware included with the Premium Menu Board.

2 Step printing process. First we print your background design on aluminum.

Then we print your image on the polycarbonate. Anything printed on this will create a shadowed effect when the entire sign is assembled.

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